About Us

Our Founder

Tina Wong has over 20 years of experiences in corporate administration with multi-national companies and possesses a unique blend of expertise and knowledge through practice experiences.

New Beginnings Limited, founded by Tina in Oct 2018, aims to support small businesses who are short of administration resources. Service offers by New Beginnings are mainly categorized in two streams: Grant Application Services and Business Administration Services.

In spite of the pandemic and lockdown, Tina was still able to help clients obtain approval for government funding totaled over HK$2.5 million in the last 12 months. Her clientele ranges from retailer and catering business to IT service provider, consultancy company and NGOs.

Prior to New Beginnings, Tina had been on management at NeoDerm Group, Gap and Marks & Spencer respectively, and her responsibilities included project planning, budgeting & administration, administration team leading as well as communication with overseas offices in Shanghai, Vietnam, Cambodia & UK offices etc.

Although Tina had obtained her Bachelor Degree of Science in Biochemistry from Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada, she later realized her passion was actually in administration rather than science.
Tina is privileged to serve clients with something she love and is gifted to do.

Our Mission

We want to see small businesses and NGOs run burden-light & thrive through successful funding applications and efficient administration management

Our Core Values