Grant Application

Getting grant approval is only the first step.  

We work closely with Clients from the beginning of grant applications until receipt of grant.

Our purposes are to help Clients obtain grant approval as well as the reimbursement for their spending on the approved business projects.  

To help transform your business processes 

Funding ceiling:

75% or HK$600,000

To help develop your businesses overseas

Funding ceiling:

50% or HK$6 million

max. HK$1 million per application


To support marketing spend towards overseas markets

Funding ceiling:

50% or HK$800,000

max. HK$100,000 per application


Example of Successful Cases

Our Grant Application Services include:

Identify the Right Grants

Choose the Funding Programmes that best suit your business needs

Project Planning

Plan / adjust the project plan with the budget & timelines according to your needs

Document requirements

Review & advise on the documents & formats required

Application Submission

Arrange submission online


Support all the pre- & post- grant approval communication

Audit & Final Report

Facilitate the auditing process & arrange final report & submission

Claim for the expenses

Get your monies back!